Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Dear families,

I will be gone for one more day tomorrow, helping my brother out Post-FULL ACL REPLACEMENT. The pictures are very gross. Anyway, students are keeping up with our planned week but I know it’s hard on everyone. I will be back all three days next week. Thank you.


Deserts, Ants, Story Problems, Plays

Hello hardworking parents,

During the very short month of November we will be roiling deserts, ants, story problems, and plays into a wonderful muck of learning.

If possible, take some time to learn with your child about any or all of the above. No matter your approach or background knowledge, your enthusiasm will transfer to your child and their learning.


Auction Info

Dear Second Grade Families!

This year the second grade package for the Oya No Kai auction will be a week-long stay in a condo on Maui donated by the Egusa family along with a gift card for travel expenses! In addition to this fabulous package, the kids will be putting together an art project that will also be auctioned off.

If you wish to help, we are asking for a $10 donation for the Visa travel card. One dollar of this will be used for the art project and needed supplies. Of course, you may donate any amount. If you can contribute, here are 4 ways in which to get the funds to your class reps: 1) Hand it to one of us directly 2) Put it in the envelope outside of your child’s classroom labeled “Oya No Kai Auction Package Donations” 3) Have your child hand the money to their teacher 4) Mail it to Chika Saeki, 3834 NE 15th Ave., Portland, OR 97212.

If you write a check, please make it out to Oya No Kai. We cannot accept checks made to Richmond Elementary or any other parent organization. All donations are tax deductible (TAX ID # 93-1124364), tax receipts can be found in room 110 in the ONK box.

The deadline for these donations is Dec. 15, 2014.

Thank you all for supporting the auction and being such amazing parents!


Cynthia Gladen

Jill Palmer (Ivan’s mom)

Kathy Black (Chloe’s mom)

Bonnie Zadeyan (Jack’s mom)

Loving our classes

We’re getting closer to finding the groove in both classes. Thank you for your support.

Passport Club Oct Check In

Hi everyone,

Sorry for any confusion with those blank maps. New maps go home tomorrow as part of homework.

Places to learn:

Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.)

Next check in is Oct. 22.

Key words:

Please use these words to spark the conversation at home…

1) Analog clock – hour hand and minute hand – we are learning how to tell time.

2) Thinking About The Witches – each day we check for understanding by writing one sentence about the story. This has been great but takes a big chunk of time. However, I think with us working as a class through one book, students will be more equipped to go solo and respond to their own books.

3) Passport Club – how did it go?

4) What’s happening in Art, Music, PE?

5) What book are you reading at your desk?

6) Race to 50, An Hour or Bust, More or Less – what are the games we have been playing in math.

7) Expectations – hallway norms/lining up after lunch – we spent a good chunk of time refining our classroom culture.

8) Fun Puzzles – this also was fun, but was a big chunk of our week.

Passport Club!

Happy October! It’s still summer!

Thanks everyone for preparing kids for our first Passport Club Check In. The vibes were good and very exciting for the children. What I like about geography is that it opens us up to talking about history, geology, culture, climate…pretty much everything. One of my goals is keep kids curious and foster curiosity. Curiosity drives innovation. Where would be be if Newton didn’t ask the question, “What does the moon not fall?” Also, students are highly interested in maps and places, so it’s just a big win for learning!

Today’s check in was for September. That means that next week we will send home our October Passport work. I think it’s best to give the students only one week to study. All year, second graders are only responsible for LEVEL ONE, but can challenge themselves to more. You will see that LEVEL ONE changes each month. In October they will be learning a few countries.

I also has some extra maps that I sent home today. They may or may not be useful.


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