Book fair donations

Thank you to our many families that bought a book for the class. Student have been enjoying them all week. :)

Reading test on mac books, Reading Poems, Writing class poem, Subjects and Predicates

I think both classes are a little relaxed by the introduction of a workbook: it’s not abstract, it doesn’t require high level thinking, and is mostly independent. There’s probably a sense of, “I get this, I can do this, and I can finish this quickly.” It has its place. And that’s good, but I’m constantly pushing students outside of their comfort learning zone.










Auction Project

Dear 2nd grade families,

The tile-stamping phase of the auction art project is complete and we’ve got one phase left for the children: glaze those awesome sea creature tiles! If you would like to assist the students in this phase, we are planning to work with the Kapranos/Sheiman classes this coming Thursday and Friday, December 11 & 12 and the Denlinger/Mogi classes next Monday and Tuesday December 15 & 16. If you are interested in assisting, please come join us in the halls outside the 2nd grade rooms. We will be working with the students beginning after drop off until about 10:00 on all days. Please let us know if you can come help out — any amount of time you can contribute is very appreciated and the kids LOVE having their families come see what they’re making!

Many thanks from your auction art leads,

Greg Byrd & Cynthia Gladen

Student engagement is through the roof!

Students are so engaged lately. We are:

Solving each other’s story problems
Writing stories based on “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”
Making weather observations

I’m very happy with how well students are responding to each other.















Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Dear families,

I will be gone for one more day tomorrow, helping my brother out Post-FULL ACL REPLACEMENT. The pictures are very gross. Anyway, students are keeping up with our planned week but I know it’s hard on everyone. I will be back all three days next week. Thank you.


Deserts, Ants, Story Problems, Plays

Hello hardworking parents,

During the very short month of November we will be roiling deserts, ants, story problems, and plays into a wonderful muck of learning.

If possible, take some time to learn with your child about any or all of the above. No matter your approach or background knowledge, your enthusiasm will transfer to your child and their learning.


Auction Info

Dear Second Grade Families!

This year the second grade package for the Oya No Kai auction will be a week-long stay in a condo on Maui donated by the Egusa family along with a gift card for travel expenses! In addition to this fabulous package, the kids will be putting together an art project that will also be auctioned off.

If you wish to help, we are asking for a $10 donation for the Visa travel card. One dollar of this will be used for the art project and needed supplies. Of course, you may donate any amount. If you can contribute, here are 4 ways in which to get the funds to your class reps: 1) Hand it to one of us directly 2) Put it in the envelope outside of your child’s classroom labeled “Oya No Kai Auction Package Donations” 3) Have your child hand the money to their teacher 4) Mail it to Chika Saeki, 3834 NE 15th Ave., Portland, OR 97212.

If you write a check, please make it out to Oya No Kai. We cannot accept checks made to Richmond Elementary or any other parent organization. All donations are tax deductible (TAX ID # 93-1124364), tax receipts can be found in room 110 in the ONK box.

The deadline for these donations is Dec. 15, 2014.

Thank you all for supporting the auction and being such amazing parents!


Cynthia Gladen

Jill Palmer (Ivan’s mom)

Kathy Black (Chloe’s mom)

Bonnie Zadeyan (Jack’s mom)


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