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Hello parents,

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Hey folks!

Well, sorry to say it, but if you haven’t unsubscribed from this blog feed yet, it’s time. Pull the plug.

Have a wonderful 3rd grade!

No Excuse List (PDF)


Hello! Hope you find this PDF of No Excuse words helpful.

Backpacks in hall

Hi folks,

Let’s start the year off right…nice and clean!

We will assign some students to help monitor our hallway cubbies, but it would be really helpful if we all had our eyes on the hallway to help keep it clean, especially during drop off and pick up. Mostly we just need to get those backpacks pushed in.

Please keep an eye on our local lost and found at the end of our cubbies, too.

Thank you!


Volunteer Duties

Volunteers Duties:

Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to help improve the education and school-experience of a young child. You are greatly appreciated.

1)  Please start by dusting with a wet wipe or paper towels. The edges of the class get incredibly dusty and we want our students healthy in class. These can be found in the office and I can help you find them. You do not have to spend your entire time dusting, but a little bit helps. J

2)  If I am reading of book or leading the entire class, this would be a great opportunity to take some pencils to the volunteer room and sharpen for 5 minutes.

3)  Look for any student who seems to be struggling with the assignment. Introduce yourself as a “Parent-teacher.” I’d prefer for you to use your last name: Mr. X (Johnny’s dad) or Mrs. Y (Becky’s mom).

4)  If you feel like you’ve given enough help to said student, move on to another student.

5)  Adult proximity helps keep students on task. Just “being around” helps.


Looking for After School Volunteers

Hi folks,

We have new work to display. Just looking for some folks to hang around for 15 minutes after school and hang student work in the hall. Today, if possible. 



Second Grade Reading Goals

Second Grade Reading Goals:

Reads aloud second grade text fluently with 94-100% accuracy.

Uses many strategies to read.

Demonstrates knowledge of phonics to blend sounds for words.

Demonstrates adequate comprehension by retelling.

Makes reasonable predictions when reading.

Reads independently 15-20 minutes daily.

Reads a variety of genres, is able to choose a “good fit” book & contributes during small group discussions.

2nd Grade Classroom Rules

Hello students!

Knowing the rules on the first day of school will make your journey back to school that much easier!


2nd Grade Classroom Rules

1. Take care of others and things.

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3. Raise your hand to talk. Listen to others.

4. Use appropriate voice levels inside.

5. Toys stay home.


See ya soon,


Mr. Denlinger


Sharp Pencils

Hello students,

If possible, please bring sharp pencils to school during the first week of school. Each year students do an amazing job at stepping up and keeping our pencils sharp. Thank you so much.



Mr. Denlinger

Verification Forms

For Parents.

Student Verification Forms

Keep an eye out for these during the first week. Returning paperwork quickly really helps.  You can give them directly to the office.




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