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Hi everyone,

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Everyone should have a chance to see ALL films

I’m looking into how to make a private/viewable link so everyone cans see the work.

Screening Times AM and PM

Yellow Class – Mr. D’s First EVER Second Grade Film Festival – 9:15 AM

Blue Class – Second Screening – 12:15 PM

We were able to squeeze in one final group today even.

I’m not sure run length of screening. I think 30 minutes. Maybe a little longer…? Still working on it. Even with summer tomorrow, we sort of never stopped this year. Still doesn’t feel close to the end, weirdly.

Hope ya can make it. Squeeze in the back.

Two more movies?

Two groups have told me they are ready to film today, so I’ll post if we have more short films in the can.

Touch Touch The Movie

Forgot another movie:

Two Touch – Ichi, Kiyoshi, Arden, Alex, Jude

Second Grade Film Screening – good and bad news

Screening INFO

–Bad news. I won’t be able to release ALL the films to you guys (at least not this summer) because we do not have image releases for all students at Richmond. I think by default parents release image unless you’ve filled out PPS form stating “don’t film my kid” and there are lots of “no photography” students at Richmond. No biggie. That’s cool.  However, we have some groups that have filmed entire classrooms with lots of kids in the background, so hence I can’t make everything available to everyone (at least not yet.) However, I would like the creators of each film to have their own, private copy (NOT TO BE SHARED or placed online.) AND, this is about process, not product, experience vs. something to hang on your wall.

–Films that don’t have lots of students in them (example, The Dan Movie) I will make downloadable. Hopefully…FRIDAY.

Good news:

–The movies are so good.

–Given that we can’t just put this stuff up online, I will be having two screenings on Thursday. Racing against the clock at this point! I don’t know how much film we have yet, but both screenings will be at the back-end of class. I’m imagining a start time around 10 AM (yellow class) and 12:30 PM (blue class.) OFFICIAL TIME comes when I know how much footage we have. We will show ALL student work at both screenings. The work is a complete collaboration between production teams and myself.

STUDENT’s conceived ideas, wrote scripts, did some story boards, wrote interview questions, ran interviews (I literally step out when they start rolling interviews) gathered footage AND sound in the field. Almost all our sound was recorded independent from out cameras. On the back end, I edited the footage to the best of my ability with the images and sounds they provided me. If they couldn’t ask the right questions, there’d be no stories to tell, but they did ask the right questions! I also added some simple credits, and am using some Chopin, CPE Bach, Bach, Vivaldi songs. The music and the editing give the movies a cohesive feel, so they play pretty well together. MOST are nonfiction and between a minute and 4 minutes. So it truly is a collaboration between the students and myself.

Students also gave up specials and I used planning time to shoot some stuff around the building. It won’t happen this way again, either, as I don’t like to repeat end of year projects exactly the same. Next year perhaps we’ll make a movie about the mock trial that we didn’t have time for this year. Who knows? Anyway, this was a really fun and hard project for everyone. Filmmaking is all problem solving, really great brain work. Creative. And, they got to use some technology, too. Teachers interviewed always said “how professional” the groups were.

Remember too, this is voluntary so not all students participated. I mainly wanted a really engaging project for fast finishers, and to challenge the kids to authentic cooperative learning if they so chose to take the plunge.  Using technology to gather information is a third grade common core standard. We did it.


Dan – Yoshi, Owen, Axel, Ivan

Pre-K – Sofia L, Jasper, Arielle

Super close to complete:

Third Grade – Chloe, Nour, Kate

Fourth Grade – Juniper, Lily S, Yuina

The Ghost of Fluffer Nutter School – Eveyln, Jack, Pollux, Kota, Quinn, Mrs. D,

Raw footage that needs to be cut and sound synched:

Third Grade Teachers – Anslie, Devi, Stella

The Lolo Movie – Lolo, Paige, Sophia

5th Grade – Paige, Annika, Lolo

Back to work. Go Lightning!


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