Important Math Vocabulary


expanded form


Write as a numeral:

400 + 60 + 1

numeral: 461

Write 461 in expanded form:

expanded form: 400 + 60 + 1

We are also learning to read bar graphs and pictographs

Junot Diaz talks about teaching creative writing at MIT

My wife and I saw author Junot Diaz speak at Powells a few years ago and he convinced me to read Moby Dick, which has become my one of my all time favorites. As a teacher, I really connected with what he said in this interview about “big questions” for our students, and how I can bring this down to a second grade levels.

Check it out. Very inspiring.

Junot Diaz talks about the importance of literature in a science base world

Volunteer needed

Hi there,

I’m looking for a few volunteers to individually quiz students on spelling over October.

Thank you,


Turning down Reflex Math grant

Second grade teachers applied for a grant for a different online math program: Relfex Math. However, The grant would not allow for every student to have a slot. I’m starting to think they were just trying to sell some extra seats, because they would only offer 35 spots to 54 kids.

In the end, it would not be equitable to take this grant if not 100% of students could use the online program, so we said no.

But Xtramath is free, and I like free!

XTRA MATH – something I just learned, good news

OK, so…

A student must complete a program to 100%. At that point, you will get a note that says, “Alert your teacher, you have complete ______ program.” I also see that you have completed a program, but I don’t check the records daily, so if you are eager to get started, please let me know. Otherwise, I will change it on my own as soon as I see it.

This also keeps a new record of all completed programs digitally.

Key Words

Use these words to generate the conversation at home. Is a student can’t reflect on the words they might not be listen…!

  1. Solar System
  2. 13 planets
  3. The Witches ending
  4. Expanded form
  5. Standard form
  6. What are you reading in class
  7. New books from Multnomah Library are all about…?

Passport Club – OCT 1

Students need to identify where the continents are on the world map. They can do this.

Weekend Reading…PS

9. What’s Needed to Be a Global Citizen in the 21st Century

In this article in Perspectives, Massachusetts educator/author John D’Auria suggests four proficiencies that students will need to be “nimble learners responding to challenges and opportunities that none of us can foresee”:

• Seeking out diverse perspectives – “Too often, we gravitate toward like-minded people,” says D’Auria, “a behavior that insulates us from expanding our perspective… Preparing for a global society requires that we become curious about how others think.” It also helps to learn another language.

• Valuing emotional insights – “Recent research into emotional intelligence helps us to appreciate that emotions often contain important data,” says D’Auria, “information that our cognitive processes are slower to grasp… Emotional connectivity also links us to other human beings, even when we cannot speak their language.”

• Embracing creativity – “The global economy thrives on inventive thinking,” he says. “We need to value creative skills and develop them in our students. This should not be the domain of a ‘talented’ few” – nor should it be buried in test preparation.

• Developing a growth mindset – Students will need to be continuous learners, which requires perseverance and resilience in the face of unknowable challenges and setbacks, says D’Auria. He believes educators need to explicitly teach Carol Dweck’s key insights – that intelligence and talent develop through working hard using effective strategies. “We need to provide time and support for our students to value experimentation and strengthen their capacity to learn from mistakes,” he concludes. “Though errors, failure, and setbacks are not what we seek, we need not fear them, and we should learn to recycle them into new learning.”

“Preparing Our Students for Global Citizenship” by John D’Auria in Perspectives, Fall 2011 (p. 14-15); D’Auria can be reached at

Google Website Link

This google site is new for me. It will feature more “static” information, like schedules and links. WordPress allows you to “get updates” automatically. I do not believe the google site does. However, I will be posting on both sites.

There will be NO paper newsletters this year. I’m trying to go as paper-less as possible! Woot woot!


Google Site

Class Updates

hello new parents,

Please forgive me. I remember faces, but not names. I just don’t have any room left in my working memory. Anyway, feel free to introduce yourself as…so and so’s mom or dad…throughout the year, especially if I don’t see you often!

This week:

Lots of “getting to know you”


Materials: this is your folder, this is your comp book, blah blah blah

Where stuff is in the class and building

Cleaning up

Read Aloud

A little writing and drawing

Sharing about summer

Writing to 100

Introduction to place value

Recess rules and games

This first few weeks takes a long time to get things settled. I’ll spend a lot of time on how the room operates and we’ll save time later. At the same time, I want to get the kids engaged and interested as soon as possible. And of course, we have to test them too. So far so good.


-reading for 20 minutes

– please check out — I have sent home “PINS” for each student. I have maybe two that don’t have a pin yet. They will have a pin on Monday. If you are already doing xtramath, I might be able to move you into my room. Not sure. R

-next week we will assign a website for typing. This is a great site and will be part of homework weekly.

Thanks and have a great weekend.



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