Animal Reports/Final HW

Hello families,

Academically, the following is very important.

In class: students had at least 5 sessions to gather and share notes about a sea animal.

At home: students hopefully gathered additional notes or filled in the gaps. This was a homework assignment.

In class: student then had 5 explicit sessions to write a rough draft of this report. We used a student paper from last year as a model. This example paper was given to students and we have gone over this paper 5 times to explicitly model how this report can be written.

Today: students will take home notes, and the pieces of the rough draft written in composition books and some on loose leaf notebook paper.

The expectation: students will turn in a FINAL DRAFT on lined paper, skipping lines. They are allowed to have support with editing and revising. Early deadline: Wednesday, May 24. Late deadline: Wednesday, June 1st. 

Every year some students begin their final draft on time — they worked hard in class, they got it done. Every year some students go home with very little work completed in class and have a lot of work to do at home. I described the work in class as “homework” you should be doing in class. While helping motivated students to meet this deadline, I am very occupied during class time. If you discover that Johnny or Jilly has little work to show you in the form of a rough draft, it means they are struggling to work independently and with time management and/or motivation, they might not like the assignment. Many things could be occurring. They still need to get it done. The majority of students have a lot of work to show for the last three weeks. I’ve been an extreme task master for this project.

This is the final writing grade, science grade, and homework grade.

Almost there!



What we’re doing in class


LOTS of math practice/review, and introducing money, fractions, and soon probability


read aloud

writing Animal Report rough drafts

finishing grammar work for the year

independent reading


Mt. Tabor Yellow Parents Needed

Hello Yellows (Eriko Homeroom)

If anyone can come on the Mt. Tabor trip, we need ya. We have lots of BLUE parents already.

Mt. Tabor

Monday, June 6

8 to 1:30 – lots of walking and very fun

Many many thanks

Thank you for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week. I’m not a birthday person, sort of an Introvert/Extrovert/Social/Anti-social/Humbug Fuddy Duddy/Fussy, but I do feel like the bell the of ball this week with flowers, cards, MUGS!, not packing a lunch on Thursday, and just a lot of sweetness. People are way too generous around here. It very much sneaks up on me. My feelings come late.

Thank you.

NEWS: MR.D On Leave Next Year

Dear parents,

After 11 years in education, I am excited to tell you that I have been granted an unpaid leave of absence for the upcoming school year. A confluence of opportunity and timing makes this the perfect and perhaps only time to engage in this sort of professional and experiential growth. What I’ll be doing over this coming year is various, creative, difficult and time consuming: writing (the goal is a Young Adult book that I’ve been mulling in my mind for a long time), some intern work in video production, more writing and creative acts, and the preparation of a portfolio and application for a long-term goal of returning to school for a second Masters (In Fine Arts). As much as I’d like, I won’t be basking in Fiji for the year. I will miss our tremendous staff and students and plan on returning to teaching in August 2017 with “from the field” knowledge.

I really appreciate this opportunity. Thank you for your support.

Seth Denlinger

PS – In the meantime, we’ve got a lot of work in school.

Thank You OMSI parents

This trip would not be possible without parents. Students were excellent on the bus and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I was immediately exhausted!!! Hahaha (Wait, now it is clear to me; OMSI was on a Friday…ah, now I get it.)

…I’m conserving my energy for Mt. Tabor…cough cough, Monday, June 6…best field trip ever created.

OMSI parents

As you have probably heard:


Students come to class.

Summer Reading Source

Tween Tribune is available for readers from Kinder and up. Each current events article has multiple lexile levels – the recommended range for 2nd grade is 420-620L.

I’m In the Ocean – student poem


I’m in a boat in the ocean.

I get sunk under and I see.

an ocean city. There is someone getting


There are beautiful woman

dancing everywhere.

There are fish swimming

around the bride.

Everyone is dressed in

pink, blue, green, orange, and


There are musicians and whales

playing trumpets.

Two years later I am

Queen of the Ocean City.

I had a great time but eventually

I died and someone took my place.

After I died I went to

an ocean heaven. It was

almost the same except

for it had ghosts and it looked different.

This is what I saw. There were stores

and shops and a music shop. I became friends with almost

every body in ocean heaven

and I lived there fore the rest of my life.

I really liked it there.

It was almost better

than the ocean city.


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