Second Grade Unicorns!

Last minute Run for Richmond uniform. Just had this idea yesterday.

Please prioritize the following:

1. A shirt with a unicorn, horse, pony, Pegasus. This is at the top of the pyramid.

2. And/or a purple shirt (any purple shirt). If you have a purple shit with unicorns, you are golden!

3. If you have neither purple nor unicorns, wear a shirt with a mythical creature: wizard, goblin, fairy, etc.

4. If you have none of the above, wear stripes. (Evelyn’s idea.)

Now, I will have a horn for the first lap, but I told students no horns as I worry we’ll leave a mess and the horns might bring potential problems: “horse play.”

We’ll also have two flags which I’ll be handing to someone after the first lap.

I also encourage purple headbands or tie some purple fabric around your arms. If you have extra purple fabric strips, please bring them. If you are familiar with the wrestler known as the Ultimate Warrior, you’ll know what we can do with some fabric.

The Timer

I’m using a timer in class and putting it on the overhead. I’m blocking 20 minutes for work time, not including instructions. Students can see the timer on the overhead. At around five minutes I close the screen so that students don’t stress or hyper focus on the dwindling time. I open it up when there is about a minute left. We’ve been very productive using this method. It also helps student anticipate transitions. Students can always cycle back to assignments during other periods when they finish their work early.

What’s happening in class

1. In class authoring of story problem
2. Creating life cycle of a pumpkin fact poster
3. Solving student-made story problems
4. Creating life cycle of a frog (later this week)
5. Practices quizzes from Scott Foresman anthology
6. Read Aloud – “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”
7. Writing short essay responses from selection texts

Coming soon:
8. Writing Haiku with frog pond oil pastel picture
9. Researching and writing about animal for forthcoming report
10. Learning more about money and solving story problems that use money
11. Solving some mazes

Mt. Tabor – June 8th

We are super close to having enough chaperones for Mt. Tabor. We need just a few more. If you haven’t signed up, there is still room. You can also email me and I will sign you up.

REMINDER — all Chaperones must make sure they have an up to date background check with the office.


Animal Website for forthcoming animal reports

This will be a valuable resource in the coming weeks. You DO NOT need it yet.

FYI – End of Year Party

FYI – End of Year Party is celebrated all day at Mt. Tabor. This is not big celebration on the actual last day of school. We keep it low key on that day.


Monday, June 8 – Mt. Tabor

Dear parents,

We are still looking for some chaperone to join us Monday, June 8th. — All day at Mt. Tabor.

Personal Narratives

Please remind your child to finish his or here personal narrative in class this week if they have not done so. They’ve had the time and will have some more, but it might help for them to know that YOU will looking to see a Personal Narrative mark on the report card.

In fourth term we will work on informational writing.


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