Week of Feb. 20

Geometry: spacial reasoning, identifying faces, edges, corners of prisms, building structures based on “blueprints.”

Writing: “all about me” personal biographies with text features (title page, table of contents, chapter headings.)

Reading: nonfiction, biographies of Rosa Parks, John Lewis, Benjamin Banneker, Marian Anderson

Grammar: statements and questions, commands and exclamations




People we’re studying

In honor of Black History Month we are reading, seeing, and hearing from exceptional individuals:

Biographies, picture books:

Alice Coachman

Jack Johnson

Jean-Michel Basquiat

George Washington Carver (Reading Street story)

Elizabeth Freeman (“Mumbet”)

Short video or documentary clips:

Stevie Wonder

Misty Copeland

Kehinde Wiley

Kojo Roney


Coming soon:

Bessie Coleman

John Coltrane

John Lewis

Benjamin Banneker

Rosa Parks

Marian Anderson

Oscar Devereaux Micheaux, Charles Burnett, Spike Lee, Barry Jenkins, Ryan Coogler

and more…

Here and There

Hello families,

My team has asked me to take a CPR training for future field trips. The school has asked me to attend 5 days of training about dyslexia (joining a 5th grade teacher.) I like to keep families informed as these training and my absence will have or could have some impact on our classroom dynamics, especially in the area of behavior (…when the cats away the mice will play…)

March 5 – PM training.

March 12 – PM training.

(TENTATIVE) March 21, 22 , 23 – on campus training

April 4 – off campus training.

April 5 – off campus training

I will also be out of the office after students Friday, Feb 16, flexing time. 

I really appreciate everyone’s “need to know” communication style, as I’m averaging 4 after-school meetings a week, eating into the 45 minutes of grading, planning, and prepping time we are allotted.  I also REALLY REALLY appreciate my copiers and volunteers. I could not do this without you! 🙂

Lots of love.

Personal Biographies

This is a great time to tell your child of stories from their life. Students will be writing about themselves this week and next. Students can write a global version of their life or zoom in on a particular moment of importance.

We’re also looking at biography books and watching super short videos about amazing individuals.


Flex time:

If you are looking for me, I will be out of the office today after students are dismissed.

Thank you.

Last week/This week

Wrapped up our current work with measuring in centimeters.

This week we begin a lengthy geometry unit that is very hands on and fun.

This week we’ll begin to roll in non-fiction, beginning with biography. This quarter students will more non-fiction, and less fiction. However, we’re still learning about THEME, and for that we’ll continue to read works of fiction.

Last week we spent a long time on adjectives. This week we’ll return to pronouns. With writing mechanics, I try to start with the easier stuff, which requires skipping around in our workbook. Everything is an introduction, but hopefully I can get some of this stuff to stick. As we all know, grammar continues through 12 grade English.

Keep an eye out for Valentine’s Day class lists. We will have a V-day celebration at the end of the day on Feb. 14.

Read A Thon info

Our Read a Thon “Read for Richmond” is happening now!  Currently 245 students are registered for the Read a Thon out of about 650 kids.  Some switch groups have as many as 32 kids registered (out of 56) and some as few as 12.

The website again is read4richmond.com

Thank you for your help with this- the money that we raise will fund science and art enrichment and assemblies for next year!  If you have any questions at all, please email me at jenna.levy@gmail.com .


Jenna Wines & Robyn Draheim

Richmond PTA co-presidents

Week of Jan 22

Test week has arrived!

An ENGLISH homework assignment that will go home Tuesday and is due Friday. Please make sure to have your child finish and return. It is a math assignment. Look for it TUESDAY.

We are testing like crazy. We also have an assembly Thursday and on Friday, don’t forget — ALL DAY reading  for INDOOR CAMPING, a celebration of the school-wide fundraiser Read-A-Thon. We’re going to play major catch-up on Read Aloud that day, too. Students can bring boxes for building forts and stuffies.

Students have made enormous progress in reading comprehension but we still have more work to do.


We are working with centimeters

Working in the “Writers Room.” Students team up to generate ideas for a story for a “shared writing” experiment. It’s a very specific project. I’m sure they can tell you about the story about a teacher who really wants a burrito. When not working on the community story, students are working on independent pieces. We’re focused on structure and causality (logic).

We’ve also been reading the play Stone Soup. This week we will read the Bremen Town Musicians. This is for fluency and focus.

Please study for Passport Club, which will be next Wednesday, January 31.

Camping Indoors January 26

January, 2018

Dear students,

Students across the building will soon participate in Read For Richmond, a week that encourages reading and raises money for the school. When Read For Richmond is over, if students are successful, we will celebrate in class by Camping Indoors. Our celebration will be a “cozy day” where students can bring a stuffy, good books and flashlights for reading. We are collecting LARGE cardboard boxes to make forts, too. If you have any large CLEAN boxes, please bring them to school. Your box will not be returned. Our celebration date has not been set.


All the best,

Mr. Denlinger

Lamp Drive

I totally believe the environment shapes the learning experience.

One of my goals is to not use the overhead lights, and replace our light with lamps. Yesterday I bought a bunch of nice bulbs at Freddies, but I need more lamps if you have any NOT being used. Please do not buy any. Clamp lights are cool too. There are very few outlets in the room, but I know we could bounce 1600 lumens off the walls and mix it with natural light and get a pretty pleasant vibe.

Just an idea.

Have a great weekend. And not school on Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.