Xtra Math Successful Log-In

Hi folks,

I’ve heard from two students that they were able to log in and work and one family that was not able to log in.

Third grade teachers could not provide me with any additional information on log in, but it sounds like there might be an additional step on your end where you register, and that’s probably where you provide an email.

First grade teachers are using this website now, and third grade teachers tell me that the students who use it really increase their speed.

Please let me know if you register, and then are still having trouble. I won’t be able to deeply trouble shoot this until after break.


Parent Email Xtra Math

Hi folks,

I need to check with 3rd grade on Friday about more login info and how this all works. Sorry. I’ll get the dets to you you asap…but not tonight. SORRY.

Xtra Math Yellow Group

Info will go home on Friday.

Xtra Math Coming

I am working on getting both classes logged for a website that comes recommended from the third grade team.

This math website (XtraMath) will focus on fast facts, allow students to “graduate” to higher levels, highlight specific deficits, only works for 3 minute intervals (so limited screen time, yes!) and will be used for homework (so LESS paper, yes!)

Look info today as students could try this over Spring Break.

Keep an eye out!

Floor Plans

This week we are taking everything we’ve learned in Bridges and begun to apply it to our floor plan project. This is fun, VERY challenging, and requires lots of starting over. Luckily they really enjoy it.

You can help your child by walking around your home and talking about the floor plan. Also, measuring appliances, like your stove will help them understand how little space they really have to work with.

In the past I allowed these to be much more “magical,” but this year the goal is to actually make a realistic, simple floor plan. We have square foot tiles in the classroom to help guide us. We also want to work on doors and the movements of doors.

Ultimately it’s about gaining a deep conceptual understanding of arrays and surface area. Take a tour of the home, talk about square feet, measure some stuff over spring break and they will be experts.

Geo Project — deadline pushed to after spring break

This was assigned last week. It’s a lot. If you feel like Spring Break is a better time to work on this project, feel free to have your child bring it in AFTER break. We have SO much going on in class that I can’t imagine we will present on all projects before break. Feel free to roll this over. Make sure your child is doing MOST of the work! See ya!

Due: Wednesday, March 18.
Dear students and parents,
We are so happy that students are taking ownership over their learning. In March you will have another opportunity. You will need to think of a project that you can create and present. Your theme: GEOMETRY!
This project/report WILL BE turned in for homework credit and is NOT optional. your project is due: Wednesday, March 18.
Now, what is the project? That’s partially up to you. Below you will see some ideas. Again, it is your turn to be creative!

Your Second Grade Team
1) Create a 2-D piece of art. Use geometric shapes as the focus of this painting, drawling, etc. A ruler will help with straight lines. Write a brief statement about your abstract art.
2) Create a 3-D model of a cube, rectangular prism, or pyramid. Perhaps you could use popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners or toothpicks. Perhaps some other material. Be sure to include an explanation.
3) Use found objects or recycled objects to create a sculpture. Perhaps (clean) cans and boxes can be attached and formed into a crazy design. Be sure to include an explanation.
4) Build something miniature. What? How? It’s up to you. Remember, buildings and cities are full of rectangles and triangles, cubes and prisms. Write a brief statement about your creation.
5) Who is MC Escher? Master of symmetry and tessellation and “impossible objects.” Bring facts and pictures to share!
6) Write a brief history of geometry.
7) Create a story where all the characters are shapes and they have a terrible problem! Follow the steps for the writing process. What you turn in will need to be a final draft.
8) Geometry in Real Life! A report about geometry and its use in our lives every day.
9) What is architecture? Tell us more! Pictures help us learn too. ☺
10) Come up with your own idea!

Create it. Build it. Write it. Draw it. Present it.

Writing personal narratives

We have worked since the beginning of March, 20 minutes a day, on a personal narrative. Writing is really hard, and takes a long time. I have asked students to answer the following questions before writing:

What is the setting?

What does the main character want?

How did you feel about the event in your story?

Is there a conflict?

How did it end, and how did you feel then?

We talk a lot about “adding details” in elementary schools, but I believe structure is the most important piece of telling a story. Second graders typically don’t have the vocabulary to add that much detail, but they can grasp beginning, middle, and end. Working within the limitations of the structure will yield creative work.

I’m also trying to get students to think about their perfect reader, that person they don’t know, and to consider that person as they write. I also want them to “read like a writer.” I’m also reminding them that if they do not have fun writing their story (on some level) then they will have less readers. Writing at this level should always be fun.

I basically give them all the tools I was given in creative writing courses at FSU (stuff no one ever told me in public school) and then I expect them to produce second grade work: simply stories, with good structure, with an eye for spelling and periods. Most stories will really be more of a summary, but that’s about right at this age. Some will go beyond that.

Ask them what they are writing about!

Hope to have these on the wall after spring break.

Toichi Sensei Goodbye Time

Dear families,

Please join the children and Mogi sensei in presenting Toichi sensei with some farewell gifts and saying goodbye at 1:45 on Friday March 20. This will be a surprise for Toichi! Mogi has suggested the children might like a little time to say personal goodbyes and take pictures, too We’ll do our best to control the frenzy and make sure everyone who wants one gets a turn!

See you Friday

blue/yellow room reps

English Homework sent home early

Due to Spring Break, and some students leaving early, look for English homework today. The only thing students need to turn in is the “Reading Bingo.” The spelling words are simply the list students should be practicing at home.


Mt. Tabor date change – Monday June 8th

Hello families,

Due to Field Day, we will now be headed to Mt. Tabor on MONDAY, JUNE 8th. Please mark your calendars. I would like to NOT send home new permission slips, but we might have to. This is what happens when you try to get ahead! I will check. Sorry about this. Too much fun in that last week of school.


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