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Students come to class.

Summer Reading Source

Tween Tribune is available for readers from Kinder and up. Each current events article has multiple lexile levels – the recommended range for 2nd grade is 420-620L.

I’m In the Ocean – student poem


I’m in a boat in the ocean.

I get sunk under and I see.

an ocean city. There is someone getting


There are beautiful woman

dancing everywhere.

There are fish swimming

around the bride.

Everyone is dressed in

pink, blue, green, orange, and


There are musicians and whales

playing trumpets.

Two years later I am

Queen of the Ocean City.

I had a great time but eventually

I died and someone took my place.

After I died I went to

an ocean heaven. It was

almost the same except

for it had ghosts and it looked different.

This is what I saw. There were stores

and shops and a music shop. I became friends with almost

every body in ocean heaven

and I lived there fore the rest of my life.

I really liked it there.

It was almost better

than the ocean city.

Metaphor Poem – student poem

a gerbil is a pig

a sunflower is a sun

the clouds are pillows

a pond is the sky

a limousine is a snake

with wheels

Tuesday is Thursday. A hair brush

is a toothbrush

I Am From – student poem

I am from Minecraft,

from cat and rain. I am

from big. I am from the

tree, the leaf. I am the

beach and mom and dad.

I am from play and

Ranger Apprentice, from

pizza and water. I’m from

Oregon, from squirrels, from

reading and lots of squirrels, from

Minecraft, the party. I am

from dice.

Snake – student poem

I am a snake.

I am looking for

prey. I stick out my

tongue and sniff the air. I sense a predator

coming. I curl myself

into a defensive

position and quickly

bite the bird.

Instantly killing it.

Mmmm, bird meat is

actually quite good.

I Am From – student poem

I am from a video game.

I am from Minecraft.

I’m from a squirrel.

I am from a lamp.

I am from a book.

I’m from a dandelion.

I’m from a camera.

I’m from an abandoned island.

I Am From – student poem

I am from a book

and music and a hedgehog.

Hail destroys me. I am from a

three story house. I am a

rose, a daisy. I’m from

TV, Juliet, Nina, and Derek.

I am a hammock that looks

like Goddess Girls. I am pizza

and soda. I’m from Portland,

Oregon and a bunny from the

birthday and school and Skidmore,

from the Game of Life and a journal.

English HW begins again in May

English HW will go home May 4. There will be 3 final HW assignments.

Next few weeks of learning and skills practice

Next few weeks:

finishing poetry unit/all work inside student composition books

finishing and checking grammar workbook for the year

intro to basic fractions

researching and writing animal report (partial homework coming up)

finishing stories from Scott Foresman anthology

ongoing balance and motion science experiments

intro to probability

ongoing 4th grade reading buddies

ongoing independent reading time

reviewing math concepts with available time

DIBELS reading assessments for fluency

final Scott Foresmans End of Year Benchmark assessment for comprehension

final math assessment

two field trips

into to money/ story problems around money

story problems around tens and ones

reading plays in groups



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