Another math website that looks handy

I hope this works. Try the fractions section. Might be useful. I imagine many families already have their screen-time math program, but if you are looking for one, try it.

Xtra Math

Don’t forget about Xtra Math. I’m going through and changing programs for students who have mastery in addition and subtraction. Thanks. Hope it’s useful. You will see it again in third grade. And you can use it all summer!


Tomorrow is college spirit day. Dress in your parents college gear or colors.

No School Monday.

Mt. Tabor – June 8th (ALL day at the park.) Chaperones arrive at school at 8 a.m.

Field Day – June 9th

Last English homework will go out next Thursday, May 28th. Some students might take the assignment home early.

Some student movie projects are being developed and that I think we can film. Other groups are having trouble moving from “what if,” to actually writing and organizing their small movie. Movies can be as small as a scene or two. We are running out of time! There is also the reality that we might not be able to watch them on the last day of school. Final edits might have to be released digitally.

Students are trying to finish Animal Report rough drafts. Final homework will be to write the final draft at home. This is a hard project for students. Perhaps it is too dry.

We may or may not have a small mock trial this year. We had a huge one last year, but with the short films, it’s going to be tough to pull off any trial. We have already started a healthy debate about the story The Signmaker’s Assistant.

We still need to give final tests and work on fractions and probability.

There is NO PARTY on the last day of school. The last day of school in Thursday, June 11th. I hear an old calendar says it is Wednesday. It is actually Thursday.

Outside School

I need to post some pics, but we’ve been having some class in the field lately. We’ll do read aloud, silent reading, and partner reading. I can’t believe no one else is out there. It really works. Everyone’s happy.

Dad’s Wear Pink Day TOMORROW!


If you have a pink shirt, wear it tomorrow during drop off or pickup. This is not a school-wide thing, just something I’m doing. Students don’t know, and I’m not saying anything about it either. However, I’ve got Bill in 5th grade wearing pink, and Mr. Allan is also wearing pink.

Don’t leave me hanging!

Thursday’s upcoming homework – sneak preview

Assigned May 14 2015

Dear students,

You have been in your job for a month. Your assignment this week is to apply for a job that you DID NOT have in this last month.
Please submit (at least) two letters this week for homework. You will select your own paper. Each letter will describe a class job you would like. Not everyone will get the job they apply for because all jobs have limited space. For example, we simply do not need more than four people to carry the lunch baskets.
I will select students for jobs based on their experience, cooperative attitude, independence and responsibility, and the quality of your letter. Solid spelling, punctuation, and ideas will help you get the job you seek.
I will not be listing the jobs. All jobs have been available all year and have been talked about all year. The expectation is: by this time in the year you are aware of all student jobs.
Regardless, all students will be assigned a job, so you might as well up your chances and apply! You will be assigned this job until the last second of the last day of the school year.
Best of luck,
Mr. Denlinger

Class Movie Assignment is Optional

You might hear students talking about this movie project of ours, but I’ve decided to make it optional for students. No one has to make a short film. It’s a menu choice. It’s a huge project and more of an extension project for students who are finished with their regular class assignments.

I’m using it to force students into communication by writing. It’s also super creative, very fun, and requires massive amounts of problem solving. Some students want to visit other classrooms and to do so they’ll have to write a request letter. They’ll also have to make “image release” permission slips if making a documentary. Students creating a narrative will need to secure locations through writing and develop some sort of skeletal script. Stories must be age appropriate and with no violence. We do have a possible “scary story” in the works.

Our movies don’t have to be long. In fact, WE need them to be short. Many students are VERY motivated by this project. I’ve also suggested that students involve parents as possible actors, so you might be requested to play a part. Finally, when we start rolling, in about a week, we’ll need some supervision support.

I’ll let ya know.



Passport Club Check In – tomorrow – 5/13

I have just a few maps left if anyone wants one. The library usually has extras too. Last time this year for passport club. It will probably be only optional in third grade.

Thank you!

Thank you families,

You guys are the cat’s pajamas. Seriously. Lattes, flowers, cards and gifts! Your thoughts are warm and we are very, very, very spoiled!

I also very much appreciate the conspiracy to keep me caffeinated. This is a great conspiracy. I have had one cup of coffee for the last seventeen years of my life, except when I’m sick. You know you are sick when coffee doesn’t sound good.

Towards the end of the school year I start to have a second cup. Black.

Thanks again,
Seth and Eriko

We’re making a movie!

Super cool news!

Thanks to the PTA and the arts fund, we are about to launch an larger A/V program in our classroom. Students will have a chance to capture images, and sound, and we’ll be using them to create a narrative. Fiction or nonfiction…TBA.

I’m combining some of my own microphones, cables, etc.,  with the new class materials and we’ll be able to make something with professional standards. I’ve installed Adobe Creative Suite for editing on our new PC, and we also have 1TB of memory dedicated to this process. We’ll also have a field recorder and I’m thinking students who play instruments can be involved in creating the score.

I’d like to do something that gets students into other classrooms and involves interviewing other students or teachers, but I’m not sure yet. If this happens, I’ll be reaching out to volunteers to help students move around the building.

I’m going to be brainstorming with both classes on what exactly we want to make.

This process will require creativity, team work, writing, problem solving, communication.

We look forward to showing our work on the last day of school.



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